Rogue Board Game

I’ve always wanted to create a roguelike board game, and was recently re-inspired to do so by two things.

One, I have been logging many hours playing Rogue Legacy on Steam. The game is one of the best designed, most fun metroidvania style games I have played and it has seeded many new ideas into my brain. 

The other is my newfound interest in solo board games brought about by my purchase of Castillion, a pretty good game that is actually fun to play alone.

Anyway, I already have a working game. Now it’s all about making it fun enough to develop solo.


Author: seanspangler

I am co-creator of the board game Sol: Last Days of a Star. I will talk about board games, design, and other stuff I enjoy. I'm always on the lookout for artists, app developers, and other designers. If that is you, say hi!

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