Going Solo

As local multiplayer has faded away in video games, board games have revealed their big advantage: you can get together with real live people in the same room, playing the same game.

So when Elephant Labs Kickstarted Sol: Last Days of a Star, I was surprised to hear that a significant number of backers wanted a solo option. I’ve always found solo board games to be pointless.

I’ve had mixed results with random board game meetups, and I can see why people like solo games. I’ve been to good meetups with a welcoming vibe and a friendly atmosphere. But board gamers can be a strange crew, and I have frequently felt unwelcome. After a few attempts to branch out and play with others outside my sphere, I have quit going.This leaves a small pool of players, limited to some family and friends.

Working on the solo version of Sol was one of the most rewarding parts of development. It turned out to be a blast and led directly to the co-op version, which is now my preferred way to play. It has changed my mind on the value of solo game play.


Author: seanspangler

I am co-creator of the board game Sol: Last Days of a Star. I will talk about board games, design, and other stuff I enjoy. I'm always on the lookout for artists, app developers, and other designers. If that is you, say hi!

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