Barrier to entry

Bits and pieces to be sorted and set up. Someone to read and explain rules to others. A large stable place to put all the stuff. And to top it all off, a significant block of time. These are things we need to play a board game.
It’s amazing I play any board games at all! As I’ve gotten older, I have played less as I’ve had less time and energy. Also, the games I do play are less complex. They have less pieces and take less time. I’m moving toward designing shorter, easier to explain games. I’m shooting for explaining the rules in under two minutes without sacrificing gameplay depth. 
I have a suspicion: that these things that are a barrier to me are some of the reasons board gamers like their hobby.


Author: seanspangler

I am co-creator of the board game Sol: Last Days of a Star. I will talk about board games, design, and other stuff I enjoy. I'm always on the lookout for artists, app developers, and other designers. If that is you, say hi!

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