In Cosmic Encounter, each alien race has a special power that lets you break the rules somehow, and the pieces are just vehicles to facilitate negotiation between players. The thing is, some aliens are more powerful than others. This would be a problem in most games, but in Cosmic Encounter it’s one of the game’s greatest strengths. 
I’ve always felt that Cosmic Encounter had one of the best solutions to balance of all time. If one player gets too far ahead, the others will frequently gang up on them to share a victory with an ally. The enjoyment of the game isn’t in the mechanics, it’s in the social interactions. It puts the balance into the hands of the players.


Author: seanspangler

I am co-creator of the board game Sol: Last Days of a Star. I will talk about board games, design, and other stuff I enjoy. I'm always on the lookout for artists, app developers, and other designers. If that is you, say hi!

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